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Power, Economy and Religion
Transatlantisches Forum

In 2008/2009 the financial crisis hit the world economy. Now five years later the aftermath of the financial crisis can still be experienced. Although the political and economic situation has changed, it seems that power structures have remained stable. The talk will refer to the situation in the US and analyze the distribution of power in the economic and political field. A special focus will lay on the work of Christian communities in struggles for social justice and the question if and how religious communities can and should influence politics and economics.

5 Euro / Ermäßigung auf Anfrage

PD Dr. Gotlind Ulshöfer

Amerikanisches Generalkonsulat Frankfurt Deutschland
St. Katharinen Stadtkirchenarbeit

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von:
EKHN - Fördermittel „Reformation und Politik“

Evangelische Akademie Frankfurt
Evangelische Akademie Frankfurt
von links nach rechts: PD Dr. Gotlind Ulshöfer mit Konsul Jeffrey M.Hill und Prof. Dr Gary Dorrien
Evangelische Akademie Frankfurt
Konsul Jeffrey M. Hill
Evangelische Akademie Frankfurt
Prof. Dr. Gary Dorrien

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